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Hello everyone! I am one of the many many people out there that has a unique situation and cannot for life of me find the answer i need, so i come here to ask you guys! I need a Motherboard for this i7-3770K i am buying and i have one i found that seems really good BUT i wanna be damn sure im not missing out on something. If you guys can recommend me a motherboard (Either made by Asus or MSI ect) that would suit me then Thanks friends because you've gotten me somewhere hahahah!

I plan on:

-Overclocking atleast to the turbo output (3.9GHz)
-I need a case mounted USB socket (dont ask why there isnt that many out there)
-i want to be able to put atleast 16GB of RAM in it at some point
-I have a Carbide series 500R mid tower case from Corsair, fitted with a Gigabyte 7950, and a Semi modular Corsair ATX 650W PSU (details are there in case you need space specifications)
-I want features (Like the next guy) but i dont want the price the skyrocket...i basically need all this with a 125$ budget ( I realllly cant go any higher in the budget) Im pretty dead set of the i7 though, but any insight will help, Thanks guys!
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    Neither of these boards has sli support, but with your budget, you probably won't need it.
  2. Wait so the Asus one doesnt support Crossfire either?, i have AMD not Nvidia but if theres no SLI theres no Xfire right? It doesnt matter to me anyways, i prefer a single card which higher clock and VRAM as opposed to using 2 or 3 lesser cards. That ASUS one was the one i was talking about when i said i have one already in mind hahahaha its good for the price thats for sure. I thank you for you reply! Sorry if i didnt notice it right of the bat!
  3. ASUS P8Z77-M Paired with the i7-3770K (OC'd to tleast the turbo settings maybe more hopefully) wouldnt cause any complications? If the board is too cheap for it to work i can work around it by changing the CPU but im into video animations, rendering, and using programs equivelent to Creation Kit and G.E.C.K. for example, so i really want to i7

    EDIT: Apparently you are able to OC fairly well with this board so this might be the one for me, However i want to make sure Theres no others im missing? Thanks in advance guys!
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