MSI N580GTX Twin Frozr II/OC, screams when playing the sims 3.

In my computer is an MSI N580GTX Twin Frozr II/OC. When I play the sims 3 with the various stuff packs installed, it likes to scream. The solution is to force on VSync and Trible Buffering in the nVidia control panel. Problem is that the computer then likes to scream upon startup and will only stop after startup is finished and I have tilted the whole computer and let it drop back into an upright position. When I had previously played a pirated copy of the sims 3 (without any stuff packs) to see if it was worth buying, there was no problem. Also, I am worried that I may have botched the driver update just before I started having this problem. I don't remember what I did exactly, I just remember that I tried playing a game while updated the Video Card drivers. I know it is probably a stupid thing to do, but I was a little tipsy when I did it. I tried reinstalling the drivers without doing anything stupid, but my problem persists. So, in conclusion, I really am not sure why I am having this problem. Could it be the brand or model of graphics card? Or could the graphics card that I got just be defective? Or is it more likely that I have damaged the graphics card in some way?

I'm hoping for a solution, but an explanation would be better than nothing.
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  1. A GTX580 is EXTREME overkill for Sims 3.Do you only play Sims 3 or other games?

    Can you go into detail more of what you mean by screaming? Do you mean the fan gets loud?
  2. What are the GPU temps. when it is "screaming"?
  3. I don't just play the sims; I play quite a few different games. It just so happens that the sims 3 is the only game in which I encounter this problem.

    I do not mean that the fan gets loud. It is more like a high pitched squeel. Though it is now a fair bit quiter than it used to be. It still has me worried though.

    Also, the temps when playing the sims are just fine. Performance or quality, the sound is the same.

    EDIT: I suspect that one of two things, or maybe both, is responsible for the recent improvement I have just experienced. Before I tested the game again, I updated the drivers once more, and I set the nVidia control panel to use application settings.
  4. That doesn't make sense or I don't understand but i'm glad you fixed it.
  5. Well it isn't quite fixed. There is still a little bit of squeeling when playing the sims 3. Not only that, but my computer is still noisy on startup until I tip it and drop it back into place a couple times. The startup noise is not so much a squeel now as it is just loud fan noise that goes up and down in loudness. Any idea what that could be?
  6. You physically pick the computer up and drop it?lol.You shouldn't do that at all.Your damaging everything when you do that.For instance if you do it hard enough it's possible you can snap the GTX580's PCB right out of the socket.

    It's probably a loose or worn out bearing.Or something is rubbing up against something.The only noise that's normal for a PC is the fan's and HDD noise's.
  7. I don't pick it up and drop it; I tilt it and let it drop back into place. I will concede that it probably is not good for the computer, but its the only thing that stops the noise. I will, however, try to replace all of my case fans, as well as my cpu fans. Hopefully that will solve the problem, cuz I do not want to replace the GPU or PSU.
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