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Good Afternoon All,

I have been researching a lot into why I am having trouble overclocking my fx-8320 with the M5a97 board.

That is the board I am using, keep in mind it is not the R2 or evo. From what I can gather the power phase (4+1) is what is giving me problems. I have it running stable at 4.1, but anything over that will give random BSODs.

I can list out the remaining specs of my rig if necessary, but ultimately I am thinking that this board is my limiting factor. I was having similar issues oc'ing my 965BE prior. Any advice will help.

Thank You.
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  1. You are correct, the board is limiting you.

    I had the same board previously, and was running into the same problems. The phase is not enough to keep higher voltages stable, and the PRM's are overheating.

    You're best bet if you need more than 4.1 is a sabertooth 990fx (I have my 8150 stable at 5.1) or a crosshair. Also Gigabytes AM3+ boards are a solid choice as well.
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