New mobo, computer won't start up - stuck on startup repair

I'll start off by saying I don't know a whole lot about computers, and even less about all the technical lingo :) Be patient with me please.

A while back my video card died on me, and since it was part of my motherboard, got a new one and had my mother (who has built a few computers) to put it in for me, and I assume she did everything right. Anyway, she's out of the picture now, and every time I try to start my computer, it takes me to a screen where my options are to Start Windows Normally (which always ends in it just restarting and coming back to this page) or to Run Startup Repair.

So I run Startup Repair, being my only option, but in the end that doesn't work. It tells me Windows cannot repair the problem automatically, and says if I've attached any camera, MP3 players, etc. lately to remove them and try again. Well I have nothing plugged in now except for the monitor, and still nothing, so that wasn't the issue.

After Startup repair fails, it gives me a few details, one of which being "Startup repair offline" and some others, error codes, but nothing to really help me out here.

Is there anything I can do/try to get this thing going again? I've been using my laptop since it crashed, but have some free time now and would like to at least try to fix this thing. Any help at all would be appreciated, I've been trying other solution I've found online for similar problems, but nothing's worked :/
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  1. You may need a fresh windows install due to the motherboard change. You may find a dell windows dvd on craigslist that will work, depending on what version of windows you have and whether it's oem by hp, etc. The dell windows dvd's sell for around $20; I wouldn't pay more. You'll need your windows coa number off the side of your case.
  2. Okay I do have a Windows 7 DVD, but wasn't sure to go about using that - I didn't see any obvious choices to start from CD/DVD
  3. Try something else first. Use f6 at boot up to go in windows safe mode. Select>computer>system properties>system protection>system restore. Select an earlier restore point and reboot; windows may try to reconfigure your files for the new motherboard. If you're still stuck with the same repair messages, then reboot with the dvd in the drive and let windows examine your files. This takes a few minutes, then you'll have the option of a fresh install (formating the drive).
  4. If restore doesn't work and you are about to decide to wipe the OS, one last thing you can do before that is booting in safe-mode (if that worked), go into device manager and remove all the drivers related to your old motherboard.

    If you are lucky, you might manage to rescue your OS. If you aren't, the OS will be bricked but since you were already about to wipe it anyway, not much harm done.
  5. Have tried safe mode, just restarts and I'm back to same screen :/ And as for system restore, I can try that through startup repair advanced menu, but for some reason it doesn't work either (gives some error message).

    If I do want to try reinstalling OS, how do I actually do that? I've started it up with the Windows 7 DVD in, but it doesn't do anything different or prompt me to do anything for it.
  6. Hey, Toony182, if you want to re-install Windows 7 and you have a DVD (which is good), you may need to tell your BIOS to boot from the DVD drive before looking for an operating system on the hard drive.

    To do this you need to enter the BIOS by hitting the Delete key upon powering up the PC. Then within the BIOS you will find a menu to change the boot priority. As I said, you need to tell the computer to boot from the DVD drive first. Then, with the DVD in the drive, you will be given the option to "Install from CD/DVD.." by pressing Enter (I think).

    This option means you'll lose any data you have on your C drive e.g. photos and music. But hopefully it'll get you up and running again. Shout if you need more help!
  7. OK, I've tried that I think... the new motherboard has quite a different boot menu than before. I've attached a picture of it, there's 2 boot options and neither is clear at all. And after trying both, still no luck getting anything to happen

  8. johnh83 said:
    This option means you'll lose any data you have on your C drive e.g. photos and music. But hopefully it'll get you up and running again. Shout if you need more help!

    If it is a regular Windows setup CD, the setup has two install options:
    1- wipe and re-create partitions
    2- instal in an existing partition

    If you install to an existing partition where Windows already exists, all existing Windows-created directories (program files, users, windows, etc.) get moved to \Windows.old if there is enough space for that.
  9. I'm fine with making the Windows.old folder and everything, I just can't seem to even get it to reinstall even though the DVD is in there, and it should be set to boot from disc.
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