790i and 4890 wont get along?

Hello, I just had my XFX GTX 280 RMA'd and what they sent me back was a ATI 4890 (which is a lesser card IMHO) however I just needed to get my system to work and decided to give it a try.

Problem is, after installing the card in my system it freezes up after windows loads or my video connection drops. in either case renders my system useless :cry:

Here is my set up:

Intel q9300 CPU
2gb OCZ DDR3 Mem
XFX nForce 790I Ultra SLI 775 DDR3

Any ideas?
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  1. Yeah, you need to start in safe mode, and uninstall all the nvidia drivers and software, reboot, and then install the correct drivers for the ATI card.
  2. heh, thx for the reply but yea I had done this prior to posting. Think it could be something in the registry?
  3. Maybe it is not the cards, what PSU do you have and are you certain it is operating correctly.
  4. Its a xigmatek 800W and it powered my gtx280 without problems, though I will check to see if it may be failing.
  5. So after uninstalling and then reinstalling drivers and clearing registery I was able to get it to work, however after 3hrs of idling in a game, as soon as a environment went to load it froze and would not work after reboot :heink: it just freezes as my desktop loads.....
  6. RMA it.
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