Check my Build Please

I'm getting ready to buy parts for a PC and I wanted to make sure they're all compatible.

Here is the list

This is the most I can afford to spend right now, if there's any way I can cut back on the price I'd love to hear it. I'm ready to deal with issues with SLI btw, I'd like to get the most I can out of my budget.
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  1. I would swap out the rosewill psu for the Corsair tx 650 .
    Better quality and more than enough power

    buy the Phenom 955 instead . Same part and simple to overclock past the 965 frequency anyway

    You have two different brand GTX 460's listed . Why?
  2. On newegg I can get a $30 rebate for both graphics cards. I can only get one $30 rebate if I got two of the same cards.
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