Need help choosing motherboard! please help

hey, my first time here so...hello everyone.
im really hoping someone can help me, im upgrading my pc(desktop) as its a little dated.
this is the processor ive chosen: AMD phenom ii x4 965 BLACK EDITION.
i know nothing about hardware in a computer so im having trouble finding a compatable motherboard, and i'd be gratefull
if you guys and girls could suggest a few. im on a low budget, cheapest around please, and it must have HDMI connection.
currently im using only a dual core processor with 3gb of ram and i can play most modern games on low to medium settings,
will i notice a big difference with quad core, and 8gb ram. oh, and could someone recommend some cheap ram thats compatible with the mobo too.

thanks in advance
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  1. Please post the correct form for building/upgrading a PC. You can find how to ask for build/upgrade advice here:
  2. man forget that noise...
    HDMI is determined by your GPU (graphics card)
    nine six five BLACK - EXCELLENT choice. (you know you will be able to step that sweet little 3.4 up to 3.7 or 3.8 on air with no voltage increase? (don;t understand? you WILL! lol)
    Ok, so what do you want? a new MoBo? (MotherBoard)
    well if you are going to get a new GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) you really only need to run no better than a 970 chipset (northbridge - where your PCI slots perform; the SouthBridge is where your hard drives will perform [usually a 950 chipset for 6.0Ghz/s])
    Confused yet? DON'T be, we will get you up to speed shortly.
    990 chipsets (specificaly are for when you use dual video cards and have the freedom to choose from ATI/AMD brand or nVidia brand (now inter changeable with the 990 FX chipsets)
    AAaas i said, you really only need one good video card now-a-days.
    Do you have any ideas of what you would like to own for a MoBo (MotherBoard)? or are you just phishing for a good idea?
    I can help you out there considering I AM the (self proclaimed - LOL) budget MASTER with quality and performance in mind LOL
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