Upgrading dell inspirion 530s

I'm looking to upgrade my dell inspirion, for mild gaming, and everyday usage. everything is bone stock, where do i start at?? i was thinking intel e5200 2.5ghz with 4gb of ram any feed back will be much appeciated.
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  1. there is not much you can do with a slim line PC and a DELL BIOS. Your biggest issue is the 250w PSU, small case size limiting you to low profile graphic cards, and a BIOS that limits CPU upgrades. I honestly would just install a low profile ATI 5570 and call it day. It can run games at low-medium settings and let you start saving for a gaming PC/build.
  2. Can you find the list of supported processors and link to it here?
  3. Well I see that it takes DDR2 800 MHz ram in 1 GB modules. Certain models take four dimms other take 2 dimms.
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