Am i being Bottlenecked? gtx 580

Hey guys,

i have a i5-2500k and a gtx 580, but i feel like i am not getting the full performance i should be out of my graphics card.

Should i overclock? and if so how much?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. what resolution are you playing at?
    What games are you playing?
    and what fps are you getting?
  2. -resolution is 1920x1200
    -Shogun 2, Battlefield 2

    ill test battlefield fps right now.

    also my temps
    cpu in game ~ 35
    gpu in game ~ 38
  3. alright so i did a quick test in Shogun 2, (battlefield online wasn't working)

    I did a fairly large battle and i started at 60 fps, but when the armies met and i zoomed in, i dropped to a little under 20 fps...
    when i zoom out i get ~ 50fps

    My system runs fantastically, but i was wondering if i could still boost it a bit.
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