SLI'ing two graphics card from different regions?

I've been looking for a second EVGA GTX 570 SC so I can get some SLI going. Problem is, I'm having a hard time finding any stores that still stock them! I've found some on eBay, but I'm not sure if the fact that it's from a different region might cause problems. The model number of this card is 012-P3-1572-TR while mine is 012-P3-1572-KR. I assume the letters at the end are the region code?

One last thing would be wattage for SLI. My system originally came with an SLI setup, and it has four power connectors (needed to power 2x 570s!) that are directly connected to the PSU (no molex splitters), so I assume my PSU beefy enough? The manual doesn't mention the PSU's watts annoyingly enough.
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  1. Your PSU should have a label right on it that describes its wattage and 12v rail amperage. Take a look at it just to be sure that you would be OK for not only the wattage, but the amperage.

    In regards to region, not sure if the cards would have issues. All indications point to that it would work, seeing as how even two different manufacturers of the same brand of card, even through different clock speeds, will still work together.

    Hope this helps!
  2. I wasen't able to find any sticker on my PSU (it could be on the oppisite side, on back of it, but both these places are covered by plastic and you often have to pull my entire case apart to get at places like this :\) but I did find the spec sheet for my original PC. It says it has a 875 Watt PSU, this should be enough for 2x 570s right? I was able to SLI 2x 460 in the past which was successful (save for issues with the fan dying) so I would assume so.

    How would warranty work for this situation? I know that for EVGA America you get a lifetime warranty, while it's only three years in Australia. Since I'm buying an American card, I would get the lifetime warranty, but this would mean I would have to post it back to EVGA America in order to claim it right? Or would I send it to EVGA Australia? Or would I get no warrenty at all?
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