Asrock z77 extreme4?

I am looking at buying this board. I would like to know if this is a good board or not. I will be crossfiring. Mainly what I want to knw though is build quality. Is this one of those baords that is thin and flimsy? and liek a lot of other 120 dollar boards I have used, is the the far side of the board slightly to short to line up into the standoff mounts. The last board I had had nothing screwing it in on the right side making it extremely flismy and bendy when trying to install components.
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  1. I've heard people mention that it is a smaller mobo and might have flex issues; however I haven't heard of any actual problems resulting from it.

    For the price, it's the best. I wish I would have spent a little extra for it.
  2. I have recently also been recommended the Extreme 4 or the Extreme 6 in case I need Display Port and will get the Extreme 6. I am thinking both the 4 and the 6 must be rock solid boards for the price. I am surly going for the 6 and will report back so there you go.
  3. ASRock are made by ASUS. A MAJOR leader in PCB manufacturing.
    Go for it.
  4. i can tell you this motherboard is awesome, as i own one, the best value mid range motherboard around, good for overclocking, multi gpu's, and a lot of features. A particularly good feature is its deep sleep. I dont know how it works, but the power supply and everything completely shuts off, yet when you press the power to turn it on it instantly comes on. It must keep standby voltage going to ram or something..... It is also capable as using your ram for a ram drive, which you normally have to buy software for.
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