Combo deal From NewEgg Is it worth it?
Its a $75 "Savings" when u buy the combo. But is it worth it?
Im looking for a $900-1000 gaming machine.
If someone has any suggestions let me know.

Im liking the GTX560 price point Since im able to update once in a while instead of dropping fat cash.

and the 2500k over the 2600k

HElp me out
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  1. looks fine for the price
  2. The only downside to combos like that is they take a lot of the choice out of your build. If you're happy with the other components included in the combo, its deffinately worth it.
  3. Perfect build there to be honest.

    SLI ready motherboard and PSU, good Graphics card, RAM and CPU.

    For $900 you really cant go wrong with that combo.
  4. i usually don't look at combo deals from newegg b/c they have some parts that are not great, but this one looks like a solid deal! there's virtually no diff between a 2500k vs a 2600k in gaming, so you're set!
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