DYI Bundle - integrated 4250 and 6850 crossfire?

Okay. I found this DYI combo deal on Newegg, but it has me confused.

Right under the combo title it advertises: "Radeon HD 6850 1GB included for Hybrid CrossFireX Technology."
But the motherboard included only has room for one gpu as far as my friend and I can tell, so we assume the bundle is telling us that we should be able to crossfire the integrated ATI Radeon HD 4250 on board gpu with the 6850.

I keep looking online to see if this is possible, but I have not found any answers, but from what I have read, it does not seem likely. Is this aspect of the deal useless?
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  1. hybrid crossfirex is cf a discrete card with a integrated card...
    but not sure you can cf a 6850 with a 4250...
    even if you can it wouldnt give you any performance boost...
    for now just dont use hybrid crossfire to decide what mobo or graphics card to buy... unless you are talking about llano
    it just doesnt give any noticeable increase in performance...
  2. Not Possible. While the motherboard supports Hybrid CrossfireX, you cannot use that graphics card in conjunction with the on-board graphics (see the lower chart). Since the motherboard only has a single PCI-Ex16 slot, you couldn't even go CrossfireX with it.

    -Wolf sends
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