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I have connected my laptop (sony vaio cs) to my tv (samsung hd 1080 40 inch) using a belkin vga cable and the picture quality is terrible.. flickering and distorted! My screen resolution is on the max 1280 x 800, 32bit colour, 60 hertz. its a generic pnp monitor the adaptor it nvidia geforce 9300m gs. is this to do with the limited laptop settings?

would getting a hdmi cable improve things? also my vga is standard only designed for monitor up to 17 inches!


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  1. You should still be able to go into settings, and change the viewable area to 1080. Rt click the desktop, select Screen Resolution, and change the one that is identified as the TV.
  2. just get an HDMI cable, they cost less than £10 and it will also allow you to run the audio through your tv's speakers, vga does not.

    EIther way you will have to do as IH8U says and set the output resolution, if still distorted then make sure there are no power cables near teh connection from laptop to TV
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