Ping spikes in Windows 7 ultimate RC


Well ill post spec upfront so its easy for you guys to help me

AMD sempron 3000+ S939 @ stock (although I can get it to 2.5 with stock vcore :D)
GA-K8N51GMF-9 Mobo
40gig seagate HD
2GIGS PC3200 ram

I have not tested any other games but I can if need be, but my problem is CS 1.6. If I get more then 4 players on my screen my ping will spike to about 180+ untill I look away, but FPS is fine (vsync 75). Also if the spikes are high enough they will lower my FPS to about 15, even if noone in on my screen. Also this is a fresh install from yesterday, I have all the updates and used the drivers for video and internet from microsoft and I also tried the nvidia drivers although they are for vista they still work fine.

Thanks for the help, and really appreciate it :)
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  1. Hmm and this never happened when on like XP or vista? also have u got a dedicated grfx card?
  2. Nope, not on either. And no, no dedicated video yet, my PC is in a HTPC case with a 260W PSU, so my HD4850 will have to wait till I get the rest of the $ I need for my real PC.

    EDIT: I found the cause, I think its related to that new WARP implementation that Windows 7 has over vista. If I cap my FPS at 30 it does not spike but once I set it to max frames its jumps all over the place. So now the problem is how to turn it off....
  3. I'm having this same problem in warcraft 3. Has anyone found the solution to this? I originally thought that it had to do with it being the RC and W7 may be sending performance info periodically, but i really don't know the cause.
  4. I have tha same problem here, World of warcraft is unplayable since my ping goes to 7800 (yes, no mistaken zeroes here)
  5. I'm also have the same problem in cs 1.6
    When I play source though, I have a steady ping and it actually plays better than when I played it on vista.
    Another weird thing about windows 7 is when I try to stream video to my xbox 360 some higher quality videos are a bit slow and choppy like a low frame rate. I think perhaps it all might be related?
  6. I also have the problem in most games as Counter-strike: Source and Battlefield 2
  7. +1
  8. Me to have this same problem..... when i play and something happened then my ping is +100 and fps like 10-30
  9. +1... I have the same trouble i play with good ping and 100 fps cs 1.6 and in any moment i have lag spikes :S this is annoying any1 found how to fix it?
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