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Hello,what is the best machine between HP and SONY LAPTOPS
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  1. One is an overpriced piece of crap (Sony) and the other is just a piece of crap (HP).
  2. LOL grumpy. Usually company use the cheapest they can get. The business lineup of HP are not that bad.
  3. And that's why owner's of HP laptops filed a class action lawsuit against HP.
  4. Well, for the consumer class laptop pavillion dv series. The business class elitebook are quite good or rather generally business class laptop are less troublesome than consumer class laptop.
  5. Can't remember for sure about laptops, but I know that HP is dropping out of the desktop manufacturing business, so for long-term support HP might not be your best bet.
  6. HP is dropping out of the PC business.
  7. Sony is overpriced. HP is a bit on the unreliable side.


    I choose ASUS or Sager/Clevo. I win!
  8. musabirema felix said:
    Hello,what is the best machine between HP and SONY LAPTOPS

    An HP Elitebook is a good laptop.

    I have a box of dead HP Pavilions in the back of my shop, they are not something I would recommend.

    Sony's are not as sturdy and tend to run hot. Part availability for them is pretty lousy and expensive.

    A Dell Latitude is a good laptop as well.
  9. i find laptop are generally unreliable 1 in 3 fail in the first 3 years. hp last year lead the pack with a 25.6% warranty rate -gateway (same company)23.5%-acer 23.3-lenovo 21.5-dell 18.3-apple 17.4- sony 16.8- toshiba 15.7- asus15.6

    read full report here
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