Replace mb in a Acer Aspire M1100 now front panel does work.

I needed to replace the mb on a Acer Aspire M1100. I removed the old mb and installed the new and reconnected all the cables. Then reloaded the operating system, everything when find and the system was up and running.

But then I need to get some pictures of a SD card, when I put the card into the reader nothing happened, I tried another card but the same thing. Then I got a SmartMedia card and tried it still nothing.

I then checked the Computer Hardware Manager to see if there were and problems but I found nothing wrong.

Next I reopened the case to system and checked if the plug was in the socket properly, an it was. Howerever the only place that I could plug the plug into was labeled 1394. I looked around for another socket but did not see anything.

Since this is a OEM mb it is impossible to get information on it, not even a picture of where things are plugged in.

There is a similare mb from Foxconn - A690GM2MA-RS2H but it is different enough to make it useless for help.

Anyone have one of these mb and could you tell me if I have the front panel plugged into the proper place.

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