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I have an Asus K53S 15.6 inch LED Notebook- Intel Quad Core i7 i7-2670QM with 4GB RAM. How can I make it 8GB RAM? (I'm not very technologically aware!!)
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  1. Head over to Best Buy or order some off new egg, then just open it up and install away! ( i recommend best buy cuz i work there and they can even install it for you, just make sure you get some ram ment for laptops rather than pc's )
  2. Which version of windows are you using?
  3. Window 7 Home Edition
  4. tsbekker said:
    Window 7 Home Edition

    32 bit or 64 bit, Basic or Premium?

    Home Basic...
    32bit allows up to 4GB of memory
    64bit allows up to 8GB of memory

    Home Premium...
    32bit allows up to 4GB of memory
    64bit allows up to 16GB of memory

  5. Oh, OK. It's 64 bit Premium so I can go up up 16GB. Just out of interest are there other factors that dictate how much RAM you can put in? Thanks. ;)
  6. Yes, how much the Motherboard supports is the other factor. I suggest u look up the specs of your system to determine the answer.
    Then I would visit Kingston.com or Micron.com to find the memory.
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