Cryo LX Mod- Need help with Fan selection and other things.

I am interested in changing the fans in my Cryo LX, the left and center one make a rattling noise when it is on low and I am sure I could get more out of this. I realize I might possibly have to do some mods to the housing.

I just am not really sure what fans would be appropriate for this mod. I want to get three SilverStone FN121's, but I am not 100% sure how I would be able to set up the fan controller that comes with the fans, or if I could even use the existing Cryo Controller. It runs off a 5v AC/DC plug + a usb to usb plug gives it a little more juice I think this brings a total of 10v?

these are the fans I want to get. Are these overkill? What CFM should I look for, or can you guys recommend something that would work decent. I really don't know what to look for besides CFM and DB. I know with these three I would be @ 110CFM @12v/2400RPM @ 40 DB per fan. So 330CFM out of the cryo is serious air cooling. I also wonder what affect this would have on my laptop fans. Could that amount of airflow damage them? I have an M17x R2.

I also think I will need this adapter, with this adapter I can power the three Silverstones and bypass the power constraints of the USB HUB and Fan Controller. I have tried plugging in a 12v plug and I ended up frying the Fan Controller board. So I think this is the safest way to do this, But I can still power the fan controller through the Cryo plug Coolerguys 110v AC to 12 / 5v DC 4pin Molex 2A Power Adapter: Electronics

Here are pics of the Cryo.
This is the Fan housing
These are the USB hub/Power source and the Fan Controller board.

If anyone could share some insight into the SilverStone's capability to link more than one fan to a supplied single controller or some tips for this mod I would appreciate it. Also, is it possible for me to not use the 4 pin to power these fans?

EDIT: Also I am thinking of putting something like this into it as well.
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