32gb ram with EVGA x79 ftw

So currently I have 8gb of ram, and I just upgraded my mobo to evga x79 along with the processor to i7-3820, I have windows 8 pro, and was thinking of putting all of these together. Would All this run together well? I do heavy programming along with games, im doing 2x SLI with 550 ti 2gb's. so the main question is.. is all this compatible and will run smooth?
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  1. Hello,:hello:

    The answer is "Yes" to all the questions. Yeah, the processor is compatible with the motherboard and the SLI GPU looks compatible too(i'm not a GPU expert, but one can easily tell by the GPU generation which is GDDR5 for the current DDR3 motherboards).

    Now coming to memory, well, what can I say? 32GB of memory?:??: Seriously, it is an overkill. Most of all the software's and even the hardware with multiple GPU runs fine with 16GB of memory and moreover I do not see the need for more than 16GB and also I doubt that you will ever even come close to utilizing all of it. But, hey more memory is always better for future proof. If you are an overclocking enthusiast, or Hard core professional gamer or if you just want the max for your system, then 32GB is okay but if you are not, then 16GB should do you more good.

    What you must look in a memory?
    Highest clock speed (eg. 1600MHz)
    Lowest latency (eg. CL8)
    Lowest Voltage (eg 1.5v or below)
    Decent heat spreader (if you do not have a cooling system)

    There are many memory vendors you can select any of them based on your location or preference. One of the site you could try is memorystock.com

    Cheers mate!! :cheese:
  2. Depends on what you are looking at - you don't mention any DRAM in particular. X79's can be picky, especially towards low voltage DRAM so I'd stick w/ 1.5 sticks, and prob go either 1866 or 1600...With heavy programming, I like 32GB, both my primary workstations are running 32GB and you might want to look into running VMs, can come in very handy
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