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I recently bought a Asrock Z75 Pro3 motherboard but when I got it and look it the bios it didn't have the option for me to change my cpu voltage. Like it doesn't show up at all. I read that I have to turn off power saving mode but there's not power saving mode either. I have also updated the bios to the latest version but nothing. Please help. I really want to overclock my cpu to 4.5-4.9ghz. I'll try to get a picture of the bios up as soon as possible. Thank you.
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  1. My Bios looks like that except it is missing the Advance Turbo 30 and the Load Optimized GPU OC Setting at the top of the OC Tweaker section and it missing the Power Saving Mode setting.
  2. Weird i wonder why.
  3. I called up AsRock yesterday they said they were going to get one of the board and test it and call me back but they never did.
  4. I would call them again that's bs.
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