Mid range gaming pc build?

Hi guys I am looking to build a new light gaming pc/htpc for my pj room. Basically its for some gaming and also to be used as a htpc. I am hoping to get full 1080p gaming at some point but basically just need help in the cpu/mobo/ram/ps dept currently. I dont care about playing on super high resolutions or anything I just want to play games like 2k12, total wars, etc at 1080p with pretty high settings. I would like to get the basic built for as cheap as possible and spend good money on a gfx card towards Dec. I have a 5670 I can use as a gfx card til I decide on that aspect later.

I have been looking at i5's but wonder if thats overkill and maybe amd is a better option? What do you think the best ram/mobo/case/psu/cpu combo would be for around 300 bucks? With gfx card being purchased later.

Approximate Purchase Date: asap

Budget Range: 2-400

System Usage from Most to Least Important: general use, light gaming, htpc

Parts Not Required: hard drive, disc drives, gfx card, monitor, keyboard, speakers.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg, tigerdirect whatever really

Country of Origin: USA

Overclocking: maybe

SLI or Crossfire: no

Monitor Resolution: 1080p
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  1. An i5 is way overkill if you are going for a general use PC.

    Check the $600 build in my sig. Should fit in your budget taking out the parts you already have.
  2. Do you live close to a Microcenter? If you do they have some great combos with the i5-2500k processor for about 230-250, which leaves 50 for ram and 50 for psu, because if you want an i5-2500k, you are going up to 350, sorry.
  3. Basically I am trying to build something where the cpu isn't going to be an issue in the next few years for gaming. It seems if I go 1155 I have more upgrade potential even if I go with a i3.

    Don't live near a microcenter being in Indianapolis unfortunately. So if I go i5 does anyone have suggestions on a decent combo. If I can get a decent mobo i5 for around 250 I will go that route.

    Also do you think a 6870 will be sufficient to get my 1080p gaming in on games like 2k12, shogun etc with the i5?

    You think its worth waiting til black friday to buy?
  4. Take the two hours and drive out here to Columbus or Cincinnati. Yes the 1155 will have better upgrade ability. And a 6870 will work, the gpu will be the bottleneck however that can be upgraded in another year or you can Crossfire.

    If you can, wait, I am. Sales always rock, between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (newegg, amazon) you will see some good deals.
  5. Yea thats what I am leaning too. Cincy isnt a far drive at all might make for a good roadtrip on Black friday. Ill update this thread the week before and see what you guys think. Thanks
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