Single GTX 570 or SLI GTX 470 ?


I currently own a GTX 470 superclocked (evga) and debating wether i should get another 470 (superclocked or not) for SLI or sell my 470 to get a 570.

There aren't much difference in price for both options, roughly $100 more for the SLI setup.

What would you do ?

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  1. you would get more performance by going sli, but i myself would go for the 570.

    what games do you play?
  2. If you have the power supply and motherboard to support it I would get another 470, the 570 is only about 20% faster than a 470, not a worthwhile upgrade IMO.
  3. Planning some BF3, SWTOR, DotA2, GW2 hehe

    I'd just need another PSU to support SLI.

    Thing is, I have a hard time selling my GTX 470 at the moment and i won't get a 570 if i'm stuck with my 470. That's why i'm considering the SLI option.
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