Acer aspire x3400

ive got an acer aspire x3400 (nothing has been changed) and i have been looking around for a graphics card.
i have read on many website that an ati radeon hd5450 1gb will fit and work in my computer, i am just wondering if that is correct?
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  1. It will fit as long as it's:

    A) Low profile/single slot
    B) Low profile ready and you're not using the PCI-Ex1 slot.
    C) Low profile ready and you plan to disconnect the VGA D-Sub port.

    -Wolf sends
  2. that great, thanks very much.
    one more thing will it still run on ma normal power supply.its 220watt? or du i need to get a better one?
  3. It's a low end card that should run on the 220 watt PSU.

    -Wolf sends
  4. ok thanks very much for that
  5. its over a month old this thread,
    but i finally bought a sapphire radeon hd 5570
    and it fits perfectly fine, runs with no problems even when playing red faction armagedon, fallout new vegas both on high settings,
    i can even overclock it with MSI afterburner fully and its still fine
    all on 220watt PSU

    so thanks alot for the help its made a big difference to ma pc
  6. No problem! Glad it's working out for you!

    -Wolf sends
  7. In case anyone has the same problems I found... I tried a Radeon HD 5450 card in my Acer x3400 but the driver couldn't run because of a "code 43" error. It would only work with the generic VGA drivers.

    I tried all kinds of things, but eventually gave up and bought a GeForce 210 card, and that one runs fine with the drivers downloaded from Windows Update.
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