Inspiron 15r i72630qm when playing bf3 at 84 degrees and gpu 85 after

Okay i have a dell inspiron 15r with a nvidia gt525m and a intel i7 2630qm when i play skyrim the max my gpu gets to is 78 degrees Celsius and my cpu 74 which is fine but after three games of battlefield 3 rush my cpu is at 84 degrees and also is my gpu. since i have a laptop i was thinking of getting a targus laptop cooling pad but until then any tips to keep it not as hot im in a well ventilated room and i play on a desk.
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  1. Hello zero00beat;

    What's the temperature in your well ventilated room?
  2. Laptop parts generally don't mind the heat as much as normal parts. So I probably wouldn't worry about it too much.
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