How to add wireless printer to pc and laptop via existing internet rou

Have netgear wireless internet router from ISP and both pc and laptop have wireless internet access but are not networked together. Don't need to network the two but wish to add wireless printer so can print from each computer. Have ethernet cable connecting wireless printer to router. Will computers now communicate (seperately) with the printer for software installation and subsequent printing use?
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  1. what printer are you using?
  2. Normally, all devices sharing the same wireless router, whether attached via wire or wireless, are considered networked. They would typically be using the same subnet (e.g., 192.168.1.x), same default gateway, etc. So unless you have something rather bizarre going on over there we don't know about, then the PC, laptop, and printer have already established basic connectivity. Of course, your PC and laptop need to install the necessary drivers for the printer, that's always the case. And if you want to share files between the PC and laptop, you’d need to enable file sharing on those systems. But again, the basic connectivity should already be established.
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