How to install Marvell USB driver on Gigabyte UD5H?

So, as per title, my UD5H Rev. 1.0 comes w/ extra USB 3.0 headers which need to be activated via driver update. The board comes w/ a disk that's supposed to have all of the drivers & doo-dads on it, but it won't run. I got Win 8 to go w/ my new rig BC it was $30 cheaper than buying win 7, and when trying to run the disc it says not compatible w/ this version of windows, big surprise.

So next option is trying to DL the drivers off the gigabyte page, which I have done. Trouble is, the driver is set up as a .oem and I cannot figure out how to get that to function. I don't have a floppy so that's out, it seems I could try using a USB drive, but I figured I'd ask here first if anyone could give me a step-by-step or better ways to do it.

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  1. Bump since it's waaaaaaay down at the bottom of the page.
  2. try to run in the oldest version of win
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