Which of these motherboards would be the best


looking to upgrade from my old motherboard which is asus m4a785-m i would definitely like to get one of those mobos with the ram deal just not sure which one i will also be looking into getting a ssd to be my main hard drive so im also curious which one a ssd would work with better
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  1. hells YEAH the Sabertooth with the free 8GB's AND 10% off (oops - ended today - newegg newsletter) is the deal.
    But REALLY depends on what GPU you have / or are gonna get.
    With todays GPU's you really only need one bad ass one to play games.
    SO that leaves it simple 970 chipsets.
    FORGET Gigabyte (unless it's a 990 chipset)
    ASUS rules, but MSI (first to boast Military Grade Hardware) & they Kick ARSE!
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