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Best i7 2600k Cooler

Hello. I need some help in choosing an aftermarket cooler for my new build. I am going to use an i7 2600k and i am willing to play up to $100 aus, a little more if REALLY worth it. I do plan to overclock my new cpu but not much higher than 4 ghz. Any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance
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    If you want rather spend a little more and go for watercooling BUT the closed loop ones like Corsair (H40, H60, H80, H100/Antec Khuler 620, 920), know a few people with some of them and works wonders for them on the 2600K
  2. Corsair H80 or Corsair H100, expand your budget and get an xspc rasa rx 240
  3. Thanks for the advice, think ill go with some water cooling! :D
  4. +1 for sealed water cooling the Antec Kuhler H20 920, cools amazingly well but it is loud at full fan speed
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