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Hello, I have a Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 mATX LGA1155 Z68 DDR3 3PCI-E16 1PCI-E1 HDMI DVI SLI SATA3 USB3.0 Motherboard and I cannot get into the bios which I need to do to make it so the pc is using the GPU instead of the onboard one. It skips the bios splash screen and goes right to windows, in fact my monitor does not even light up or anything. I have tried hitting f keys and delete at start up and nothing happens, and have even removed the CMOS battery. I am at my wits end now, any ideas?
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  1. Windows 7 64 bit
  2. Hi, Using Windows 8?
  3. Then 2 ideas: try updating the BIOS, if updates available, or borrow a different keyboard and test.
  4. Try connecting your monitor to the onboard graphics port. That may allow you to get into BIOS to check if there is a setting to switch off the onboard graphics. It sounds like it is this port that is handling the post and boot then the system switches to the GPU when Windows boot loads its driver.
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