Computer shut down without warning

My computer suddenly start to shutdown without warning a few days ago.Then it will restart again and prompt a choice to start window(normally/safemode and etc).
After a few minute after that will shutdown again and restart.This cycle will continue until i plug off the wire. Recently i bought 1 external hard drive. Don't know if that is the cause for this problem.
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  1. What are your system specifications and how old is the system?
  2. Sounds like either a problem with your hardware/software OR yuor machine is shutting down to protect itslef from damage. If you can, check your Event Viewer and look under SYSTEM, look for errors at time of re-boot. Might want to double check all connections indie your machine, especially the CPU and cooler but continue to check RAM, HDD, DVD, etc, etc

    Report your findings and we can help.
  3. I'm very sorry that i take so much time to reply.It's holiday season here and i'm not working for almost a week (now using office pc). I use window 7. It's still new.Around 4-5 month. Last week,there is no problem with the pc. The condition is same until last few day.
    It happen again.Suddenly shutdown and restart.Happen many time.
    I will try to check my event viewer..and will report back.Thanks.
  4. By system specification, we mean:
    What processor?
    What motherboard?
    What power supply unit (PSU)?
    What ram?
    What video card?

    if you do not connect your external HDD to the PC, does it still suddenly shutdown & restart?
  5. Sounds like a PSU related thing, but hey thats just a thumbsuck on the limited infomation.
  6. I'm sorry cause my late reply. recently my computer just run normally.No problem like before.But i not yet fix it..i also cannot understand why this happen.Anyway,i want to thank all the person who take time to answer my problem.I will post again if my pc got problem again.Till then..Thank You very much
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