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Nvidia 560M 1080p HDMI

I'm considering upgrading my laptop (currently have Toshiba 18.4" Satellite) - looking at Toshiba Qosimo with Nvidia GTX560M - 2 models: 1 has 3D & supports 1080p, the other (less $$) supports 720p - both have the same Nvidia card listed. I'm primarily interested in using this for Photoshop - not gaming, but would like to be able to play blue ray in HD via HDMI to TV. I assume that the 720p is a function of the display, and not the video card - so that if I output via HDMI to a monitor that has native 1080p capability, I will get the full benefit of HD via a less expensive laptop. Is that correct? Thanks in advance
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  1. Not sure why any laptop with HDMI out would not support 1080p, it's not that high of a resolution for even a decent on-board video chip. Post the exact models you are looking at.
  2. Qosmio X775-3DV78 3D Laptop
    Display Size
    17.3" widescreen
    Display Type*
    FHD TruBrite® TFT LED Backlit Display (3D ready, 120Hz)*
    Display Resolution
    16:9 aspect ratio, Supports 1080p content*, 1920x1080

    Qosmio X770-ST4N04 Laptop
    Display Size
    17.3" widescreen
    Display Type*
    HD+ TruBrite® LED Backlit display
    Display Resolution
    Supports 720p content, 16:9 aspect ratio, 1600x900
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    I see what the 720p support is, it's for the LCD screen not the real support for the card. If you look at the second screen, it's 900 horizontal lines, hense the 720p rating.

    The difference it looks like is that the first model has a higher-end screen.

    If you use an external monitor / TV, either of those guys will run at 1080p with no issues.

    Since laptops are by nature non-upgradable, expecially the screen, you would be better off getting the best model you can afford. Even if you save a hundred or two now, you are then stuck with it unless you replace the whole system.
  4. that's what I thought - just wanted to be sure - Thanks!!
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