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i settled after listening to advice on the following

amd phenom ii x4 955 black edition
Asus M4A88T-M Motherboard AM3 AMD 880G uATX
4gb kingston ddr 1333 ram
750 w psu

what would u say would be a good graphics card to go with this without spending silly money. been advised on the VTX3D AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR3 would this be capable of playing new games in a decent res???

thanks in advance
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  1. What's your budget?
  2. for the graphics card about £100-£150 uk.

    would prefer closer to the £100 due to budget etc
  3. Ok, after using a GBP to USD converter :lol:, I figured out that's about $150 USD, right? In which case I recommend a Radeon 6850 or a GTX 460 1GB. Are those within your budget? (Sorry, I don't know anything about GBP :) )
  4. would the radeon 6850 play most games at full res cant get one about £30 cheaper than the GTX. £150 is approx £180 dollars
  5. Well depends, what res do you play at?
  6. ive never had a gaming pc before always used games consoles my son wants a pc for his xmas so thought id build one that can possibly play games
  7. Ah, I see. So, were the two cards I suggested over-budget then? If not I'd say pick your choice, they perform pretty similar, you can Google "GTX 460 vs Radeon 6850", there's quite a lot of stuff to look through.
  8. no they were pretty much in budget but im not sure how well they will play the newer games or would i have been better waiting a few weeks and getting a slightly better card???
  9. They're both well-performing cards IMO. They can definitely play newer games with pretty good detail at lower resolutions. Now if you go to higher resolutions like 1920x1080, etc etc, don't expect to max games out, you're going to have to lower the detail some. As for waiting for a better card, there is the Radeon 7000 series rumored to come out in December, so idk if you would want to wait for those or not, that's kinda pushing the Christmas deadline a little bit :)
  10. yeah might be too late also i intend to get my son 2 x 22" led monitors this is where i become a bit lost. not sure of resolutions on that size of monitor but a slong as he can play the likes of fifa 12 and MW 3 then he will be happy. think im gonna go with the radeon 6850 as they seem to get the better revies and there is only 80p dif between the 2 of them in the uk.
  11. also if u connect 2 monitors up does the games get split over the 2 monitors or is it the same pic on each one??
  12. It should, when correctly set up, split the picture over both monitors. Now, since you mentioned that you intend to go with 2 monitors, note that since you're going with two monitors the card might struggle some, I assumed that this was a 1 monitor setup. So this means that if you want the game to run better, a dual-monitor setup isn't as ideal as a one monitor setup, with a card like a 6850.
  13. what card would u recommend cardwise although im not def going down the 2 monitor route just something i was looking into as my son mentioned it ( hes 10 by the way )
  14. Well I'd say if you decide not to go with 2 displays, then you should be fine with a 6850 (you could get by w/a 6850 even with 2 displays but the results wouldn't be as good). Now it's all up to you in the end, but IMO you should increase the budget a bit for a gfx card that will do a little bit better with dual displays. Something along the lines of maybe a 6870, etc. Btw, I was wondering, what brand is the 750w PSU you plan to buy?
  15. cheers for replying the psu is an alpine 750w it comes with the case i was planning on getting. i think i will stick with a single monitor ( dont want to spoil ma son lol ) and get him a 24" monitor instead of dual display monitors as long as he can play new games he will be happy.

    is that psu any good?
  16. also do i need as much as 750w running just the 1 gpu? would a 600 or 650w be enough?
  17. heres a link to the case and psu

    let me know what u think i liked the style of the case
  18. I think your son would like the style of that case, that definitely looks like something a 10 year old would like :). As for the PSU 1. I really doubt that it's 750w, 2. running something like a 6850, you could get away with a 500w, maybe lower, and 3. I recommend that you don't use that unit, look for a PSU from Antec, Corsair, or Seasonic (those are some reputable brands).
  19. so would i be better off getting say a 500w antec psu rather than the one i was getting. i quite liked the look of the case as well its like a robot or something
  20. what are the atx psu's like??
  21. the problem i have is if i look at a psu less than the 750w they dont have the connectors for the pcie graphics card ( 6 pin i think )
  22. You might not max out details on a 24" monitor with a 6850, but, at, oh I'd say medium-ish details the game should run pretty good, and it all depends on the game being played, so YMMV.
  23. rab2011 said:
    the problem i have is if i look at a psu less than the 750w they dont have the connectors for the pcie graphics card ( 6 pin i think )

    Actually, you'd be surprised, the Corsiar CX500 PSU (500 watt unit), for ex., has 2 PCI-E power connectors, as opposed to the 750w unit that comes with the case. That PSU has only one PCI-E connector, and it's rated at 250w more power than the Corsair unit. But, like I said, I really doubt that the latter PSU is 750w, a real 750w should have more than one PCI-E connector.
  24. thanks im away to have a look for other psus just now
  25. Great, let me know when you find one :)!
  26. solid advice......cheaping out on off-brand powersupplies will only fry that poor rig by new years!!!
  27. just out of interest since this is gonna be the 1st computer ive built for 6 years have they made it any easier to connect the front case mounted usb to the m/b used to hate trying to do them
  28. have you tried aria pc??? ebay isnt the best place for quality stuff.......very reputable uk company


    much easier

    WOAH......thats a big no on those psu's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. gonna have a look the now cheers for the link
  30. please consider your sons safety as well......those cheap Chinese knock-off psu's are not held to a high standard and are know to spontaneously combust.......(not a joke)

    also these guys are well known for the pride they take in their "in house" pre built systems......

    check these out.....they start at reasonable prices too
  31. rab2011 said:
    just out of interest since this is gonna be the 1st computer ive built for 6 years have they made it any easier to connect the front case mounted usb to the m/b used to hate trying to do them

    Well, all you have to do is plug a front USB header into the right area on the board (refer to the manual to, it shows you the where to connect all that stuff, front USB, power&reset switches, HDD LED's, all that good stuff)
  32. good stuff last time i done it there were 4 cables with no corresponding diagrams on board lol hopefully will be easire this time gonna sort out a psu tomorro cant be bothered lookin but will def get one of the 3 brands that were mentioned earlier
  33. Alright, great! Let us know what you find :)
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