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hi guys i just have been building a computer and according to the manual I'm pretty certain that i have the PowerSW, +PLED, -PLED and RESET SW in the correct place, but the computer still doesn't turn on, something strange happens though, sometimes if i press the on button it will flicker for a flash on the power switch button like its on, then it will flicker off again.

any suggestions on how to get a asrock970extreme3 to power on?


ASRock970 Extreme 3
4 GB Ram
AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-core
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  1. Hi, In order to avoid a possible sorting issue, try testing the board outside the case. You can also remove all wires from the system panel connector and power the board by shortly touching with a screwdriver the 2 pins corresponding to the power switch.
  2. yeah i dont really want to have to take the computer out of the case and kind of cant xD the fcking jokes right, i ordered an asrock 970 extreme 3, and using the risers/stands and the screws screwed in the motherboard but for some stupid reason a few of the screws only went half in then got stuck when i tested it and they were fine when the mothorboard wasnt in the middle, just a screw and the stand and they were fine which is like wtf? so ye taking out of case is not an option right now lol. As for screw driver, you mean i just turn the thing on the power supply and then just get a screw driver and touch the power sw 2 pins?
  3. No, The board has a connector for the power, reset switches, HDD led. Remove all wires from that connector. When you press the board's power switch you actually short 2 pins from the board's connector. Now, locate the 2 pins (where the power switch connects to the motherboard) and for starting the board just short them with a screwdriver.
    I hope I was clear.
    But since you've mentioned the standoffs problem, I guess it's a short related issue.
  4. will do
  5. Hi, oliverlausch. Are you saying you can't now unscrew the motherboard from the case? I wonder if you used the wrong screws. I've had a similar issue in terms of not being able to power on via the on switch and I'm sure I had a short circuit somewhere because I eventually got the machine to work by totally taking the case out of the equation. If you can remove the board from the case, try that!
  6. ye i cant remove it from the case several screws are stuck which is stupid because they were the correct screws made for the job of being for a motherboard...
  7. Hi, I managed to get the motherboard out, using a much better way than anyone has suggested :P People suggested using a drill to destroy the screw, using a pair of pliers to grip the screw while unscrewing (tried and couldn't be done) some other stupid things like cut the case up to get the motherboard out an buy a new case.

    Then a friend told me to buy something called a 'Nut Driver Set', it's basically a screw in extension onto a screw driver and will then grab the screw will its unscrewing it, i tried and at first it didn't work because it just turned the Stand aswell, so i just turned it back to screw it tightly up and then turned it left to loosen it and the screw was out without the stand and the problem was solved!

    To anyone who has an issue with a motherboard being stuck, don't listen to people saying use a drill or turn the motherboard or bend it or whatever, you will just damage it doing that, just do what i did, go to your local tool shop or w/e, i went to maplins, and buy a 'Nut Driver Set', they are dead cheap for about £15! And its very safe to get the screws out this way without damaging the screws and the motherboard!
  8. Now i have the task of just figuring out how to plug it in properly :P
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