Looking for a good graphics card for my PC

Hello, I'm looking for a nice 512MB graphics card for my PC for less than $100. the brand is eMachines, and the model # is EL1852G. Runs on Windows 7 Home Premium.

The Processor is a Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5800 3.20GHz

Currently has 3GB of RAM ans is a 64 bit operating system.

The Current Graphics card that came with the system is an Intel G41 Express Chipset. DAC type is Internal, adapter string is: Intel GMA 4500

I may have provided too much system info than i needed to, but i just wanted to be sure.
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  1. ALso have had thoughts about a 1GB graphics card, but i thought i would ask the pro's first
  2. Most likely your PSU will limit you to cards without a external power connector which means a PCI-E 2.0 HD5670 would be a good choice.
    You should really look in your case and tell us the brand/model of your power supply however. There's a chance it cannot handle even that card.
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