Asus P8Z77-M Power Issue

Hey guys I have just built a rig using a P8Z77-M, everything is well, apart from a power issue of sorts. Basically when the PC is turned off, the standby LED stays on, so does the GPU's power LED, so does the ethernet ports flickering lights. If I plug a memory stick into a USB slot it lights up for a split second before going off.

Makes me thing there is still power in the system when it's off, when usually on all my other Asus mobo builds the only light on is the standby and nothing else.

Could this be a problem or is it normal? Could it be a PSU issue? Cosair CX500 it is.

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  1. Hi, Try in BIOS, Advanced, APM enabling the ERP Ready
  2. That has 100% solved the problem! Thanks a lot!

    How strange it was disabled by default, made me think I had a faulty mobo or PSU
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