MSI or Gigabyte for AMD A series build

I building a budget system for general use. I will mostly be using the computer for word processing, excel, statistical software like STATA, HD streaming (Netflix), and web surfing. I intend to use the AMD A series APU. I am currently looking one of these 2 mobos:


Other than the fact that the gigabyte board has 2 more RAM slots I don't see a whole lot of difference between the 2 boards. Although 4 RAM slots are somewhat desirable (over just 2), I can live with 16 gb of max RAM to save some money. Is there any reason I should not go with the MSI board to save $40? Thanks in advance.
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  1. The msi board will work fine. I would save the money. Here's another newegg deal listed at slickdeals with free 8 gb of ram when you add it to your cart:
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    dude, Gigabytes top end stuff is frikkin KILLER, but MSI is awesome too (at all levels)
    depends on your taste and color preferences.
    Me personally, I would go MSI unless it were a $160 MoBo from Gigabyte.
    I personally don't care for Gigabyte stuff, especially anything below an AM3+ board.
  3. Well... the MSi appears to be out of stock
  4. ETA for the msi is 11/19, three days from now (monday). I would wait to order. You won't find it any cheaper new than newegg.
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