Gforce 9800GTX+ (Freezing) Help with New Driver install?


I have the following system:

Operating System - Windows XP
CPU-Core 2 Duo E8500@ 3.16GHz
MB Abit IX 38-QuadGT (Intel X38-ICH9R)
GPU - Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX+
Ram - 4 gig MB DDR 2 Dual Channel

Currently, when trying to play Half Life 2 or Call of Duty MWF 2 (via Steam), the games seem to run ok on Mid settings with No AA for about 15 to 30 min. At which point, the games Freeze. I cannot Cntrl/Alt/Del to get into the Manager to kill the games. I have to hold the power button down on my PC and total reboot.

I am assuming this is a graphic driver or video card/cpu overheat issue? Although using CPU Z / GPU Z, my temps are running (CPU 50c) (GPU-62C to 80c)

I have tried updating to the Graphic driver to the latest version (280.26). However, I really don't know the proper way to "Uninstall the OLD Driver and Add the New driver). If there is a certain way to do this, can someone please post exactly how to do this properly. I would greatly appreciate it.

What else can I try in order to see if I can get these games to play without freezing?

Thx for any and all help. :wahoo:
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  1. If you try installing the 280.26 Drivers it will give a option to delete the old drivers for you. Then try again. Also does it just full on freeze or will a BSOD come up?
  2. Ya...the Game just freezes. I am not getting a BSOD..... game just freezes...sometimes the sound will be looping...but most often, it just freezes. I did once get a freeze on a greyish screen ..but who knows.

    As for properly uninstalling graphic drivers, I thought you had to somehow download a driver cleaner software, then boot into safe mode and either use the driver uninstaller, then the cleaner, then install the new drivers or something like that to properly install new graphic drivers?

    I am looking for that information on how to properly uninstall the old drivers, use driver cleaner software, and how to properly boot into safe mode, then install the new graphic driver

    thx for any help you can provide
  3. Well if you download the nVdia drivers and choose Custom install then you can select to do a clean install where it will delete the old drivers for you. I suppose you havent overclocked anything? ;)
  4. I get the same error with some steam games as well i can run supremem commander 2 for about 30min - 1 hour and then the screen just locks and I get static out my speakers. only happens with steam games for me I can run crysis 2 with DX11 patch and high resolution pack as well for hours no issue it only happens with some steam games for me.

    My system is an

    Processor: Intel Core i7 2600k (not overclocked at this time)
    Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth P67
    RAM: 8GB Kingston HyperX T1 RAM ddr3-1600 not overclocked
    Graphics Card: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 580 1.5GB

    I can run every other game I have for hours but when I run steam games I get this same error as you after 30min-1hr so I dont know if it is your system or something in the steam settings.
  5. Just and Update, today I tried to play Half-life 2 (in windowed mode , after verifying on Steam...just to make sure), after about 10 min of basic gameplay, the screen just turned Opaque (off-white), I could hear the game sound but no visuals. If I pressed Alt/Tab, the music would stop which I am assuming it was switching to Windows desktop..but I could not see the desktop. I tried, Cntrl+ Alt+ luck.... still opaque screen.... Powered down PC and rebooted. I am guessing the Graphics card may be going out? or perhaps it's a driver issue>? I really don't know.

    If this matters, I was monitoring my CPU Cores on the CPU-Core 2 Duo E8500@ 3.16GHz , Core 0 was almost maxed at 100% while Core 1 was less than 20 % being utilized while playing. Temps of the CPU were 55C or less... The GPU temps were @ 69c Before it froze.

    Well...that's all for now.... Maybe it's Steam. Is there a way to play these games without Enabling Steam? I have the Full Orange box Version, but Steam starts up every damn time? Can this be disabled so I just play...without Steam?

    Again...Thank you all for your assistance :wahoo:
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