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I'm having trouble getting a Ethernet cable through my house but cant get the right length. From my bedroom to the router its about 150FT. Any suggestions
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  1. You might start to lose signal strength as that distance. If you stick a cheap switch or repeater in the middle, that should make it a better signal streght and you don't need cables to be so long.
  2. Two options:

    1) buy 100ft and 50ft plus a network switch which is placed between the two cables

    2) but 150ft CAT5e cable at a home improvement store(Home Deport) or electronic store (Radio Shack) plus RJ45 connectors, and a crimping tool. Use the T-568B wiring diagram.
  3. i will probably be putting the cable in the addict so it might get wet. Would the 150 CAT5e cable be best for that
  4. Which country do you live in?
  5. USA in northern Indiana
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    Price it out, you might be able to get a cheaper made cable from a company like CDW. You could also have a local computer/networking store create one for you.

    Cat5e can handle weather conditions, especially in your attic. Generally, if you don't have access to the cable and it is through a wall or not in the open, you will need to use plenum. That would be to code but since it is only a single cable, I would save the money and use a regular cable. The poisonous gas emitted when burning is only dangerous if you have a lot of it burning and you're inhaling a lot of it. :) Based on that one cable, the smoke will get you first if you decided to stay in your house.
  7. Buy the cable and be done with it. Crimping cables was 1990s to save money. Not worth the time or effor these days.
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  9. Thank you for the advise im probably will get the 250' ready made cable
  10. lowes and home depot in my area also sell 100ft+ at good prices.. even cat6 and 7 and one that claims to be ultra?? or x2 the bandwidth of previous versions. if the hardware you use supports such things.
  11. btw, each patch in to a wire, causes more resistance and lag..noticable in ping tests... it's best to get one complete wire to the router and the pc.. without switches, patches or tap ins..

    If possible further performance can be had if you can position the router where you wouldn't need more then 12-30ft... the more copper you have to run through, the higher the ping times will be inside and outside the home network..

    maybe 1-10ms per 30ft. possibly not even a blip on the screen, noticable..
    but for HD video and gameing this adds to ping that is already there. And is often very noticeable. it could be less ping with diffrent types of cables...cat5 vs cat 6 etc.. cheap wire vs more expensive 100% pure copper with gold plated connections..silver is actually a better conductor etc etc..

    wifi-n may be a better option.
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