Pfn bluescreen error

Windows Update no longer working. Cannot update .NET Framework or install security updates. Get persistent bluescreen errors related to PFN. Now experiencing Internet connectivity issues even though network hardware appears to be operating fine. Current anti-virus does not detect any issues. Can't reinstall my Windows 7x64 upgrade or SP1 - because cannot install updates. Ready to rebuild ground-up with new Windows 7 disk, but thought maybe someone out there has experienced same difficulty and might know what my issue could be.
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  1. Windows 7 Manager from Yamicsoft includes utilities to reset or repair several aspects of windows 7. One of these is for repairing Windows Update. I used it just a couple days ago with great success. It is in the 'Repair Center' section under the second tab.

    Many additional useful utilities. Well worth the install.
  2. Whats the Blue Screen STOP code/error message?
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