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how to bios update in my g31mx-k foxconn Mother board?
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  1. Go to your g31mx-k webpage and select tech support, then download the top bios file, the most recent. 775
    Download Fox Liveupdate under "utilities":

    After you download the liveupdate utility, install it and a desktop icon should appear. While online, click on the icon. As I remember, a small black window will appear while the bios is being updated. Do not stop while it's loading. Let it finish, or you will have a dead motherboard. After it's done, it will reboot automatically or ask you to do so. It's been awhile since I last used it.
  2. what if the bios error & cant boot
  3. I didn't have any bios errors when flashing. Another point is to set your bios to the default settings before flashing, and be sure your power supply is perfect. If it shuts down or reboots during the flash, then your board won't post and you may need a new one. If your system is running well, then flashing may make it worse, especially when overclocking. So if you don't need to, I would leave it alone.
  4. i had a G31 from Foxconn and the bios failed and bricked my motherboard. I fixed it by ordering a new bios chip off eBay for £8.

    My advice don't use the live bios update tool. burn the bios to a disc and boot from the CD.
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