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5670 or 6770? (But there's a twist)

I've come across more money and changed my decision to go for a 6770 instead of the 5670, but some problems remain, my case has no cooling, just one 8mm fan and is quite small and I also have a X16 1.0 slot(I've heard 2.1 card have problems with 1.0, is it very common?).

In a situation like this, do I just go for the 5670/6670 or go head on with the 6770?

Also will playing open case help keep temperatures lower?

I really want to get BF3 for PC.

Here's the card I am wanting to buy(which brings more fear because doesn't have the best cooling):

And one more question, is it true the 6770 has a tad bit better tessellation performance than the 5770? or is it just the exact same card?
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  1. Mostly their backwards compatible but sometimes certain 1.0 boards don't work with 2.1 cards right out of the box.I would suggest looking up your mobo and see if their's any BIOS update or Driver updates for a 1.0 to 2.1 compatibility.It's very common that older boards,such as the ones that use 1.0 slots,manufacture's don't support the board anymore so you might have a hard time.

    To my knowledge the only lower end card from AMD that wasn't just a rebadge was the 6670 and I beleive the 6570.Every other card is basicly the same as it was in the 5000 series.So I would say don't go through the trouble of a 2.1 card if theirs a chance it won't work and just get a 5770 that will work and it's the same thing anyway.

    Here's a very nice 5770.

    And no it doesn't seem that the 6770 is any different from the 5770 including any tesselation improvement's.
  2. Where do I check for a BIOS update?
  3. MB manuf website
  4. What is your mobo's make and model?
  5. Are you even sure your mobo is 1.0? How do you know?
  6. Well everywhere I look it ony mentions it as an X16 slot, is there another way to be 100% sure?

    Are you doubting it's 1.0?
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    They always say x16 slot and never the slot version.I like to look at it by what processor it has and memory.If it has DDR3 memory it's most likely a 2.0 slot.Also your mobo is a 7xx series and to my knowledge all 7xx series motherboards are 2.0.
  8. This is awesome news! I am no longer limited to 2.0! Sweet!

    My soecs are:
    CPU: Phenom II X4 840T
    RAM: 6GB DDR3
    HDD: 1TB.

    I'm going to the MOBO forum to confirm this.

    If thats the case, ill most likely go for the one I linked. or the MSI one.
  9. Was just looking at the date that PCI-express 2.0 was made public and it was Jan. 2007.PCI-Express 3.0 went public last Nov. So i'm guessing we should be seeing 3.0 boards and cards sometime in 2012.

    What PSU are you planning on using/getting?
  10. I'm thinking of an Antec 500w or Antec 430w.

    Have any recommendations?
  11. The Halo Don
    Check your PMs
  12. The Halo Don said:
    I'm thinking of an Antec 500w or Antec 430w.

    Have any recommendations?

    the High Current Gamer series from Antec on Newegg USA is on a good sale
    right now
  13. I would have to agree with you there.For a budget Antec makes some really nice PSU's.
  14. that High Current Gamer series is probably the best budget PSU out there

    I do also like some of the Seasonics and XFXs though
  15. Seasonic makes really high quality units though so none of them are cheap.
  16. ^

    The XFX ones are quite cheap.
  17. I need something small and durable, possibly Modular?
  18. Whats your budget??

    I've seen a few Antec PSU's that were semi modular for a decent price.
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