EAH5450 out of range

Last night I removed my HD 5770 and sent it off to XFX head quarters to get it fixed. To tie me down I took my Asus EAH5450 SILENT out of the computer I'm using right now,
ASUS M2N68- AM SE2 mobo
2gb ram
300watt PSU
AMD dual core 2.4ghz
Worked fine with it, works fine with out it.
Now I put it into my system,
Gigabyte M68MT-D3 mobo
4gb ram
800 watt PSU (plenty of power)
AMD quad core 2.9 ghz
Monitor- LG Flatron W2240T
Now it boots up, shows post screen, starts to load windows 7, both computers have win7 home premium 32-bit, and the windows flag glows and then the monitor turns off and displays D-SUB OUT OF RANGE 74.9kHz / 60 Hz. However I can boot up with the card out and use the onboard with no issues. I have also disabled the onboard and made sure it was loading the PEG PCIExpress slot. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the ATI drivers. Help appreciated!!
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  1. I just tried lowering the resolution from 1920x1080 to 1280x720 And no changes. The recommended resolution for the monitor is 1920x1080
  2. Well now I've gotten a new HD 5770 a new mobo, Asus M5A97, and I've tested the ram and Hard drive from the second system and they all work fine. The monitor no longer shows the "Out of Range" message, however it still restarts right after the system posts and begins to load Win 7. Could my AMD Athlon II x4 635 with a stock cooler be the source of my issues? Cause like I've said, all other components have been tested except for the CPU and Disc Drive.
  3. werner123 said:
    You need to format and reinstall a fresh copy of windows 7

    Even though I was able to boot up windows and play on a different system?
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