USB ports keep disconnecting until Restart or Sleep mode. Help!

Hey guys.
On my Dell XPS 8300, the USB ports where my mouse and keyboard are connected would stop working after 30-60 minutes of use. I'd have to switch to my front ports. Once they stop working, i must put my computer to sleep or restart it in order for it to work again.

I've posted the problem here before, and it was supposively my motherboard. I've had it recently replaced.
Then i figured it was my OS. I had the HDD replaced.
It still happens.

It's not my mouse or keyboard because
1. They wouldnt coincidently happen to stop working at the same time
2. they work on other computers

Flash drives r still readable in the fried ports, and i can charge my phone. Other devices such as Headsets and mics, or other mice and keyboards would not work.

It cant be my new motherboard and HDD. It might be the case, but that's a hassle to replace.
My last solution is to get a powered hub.

Any suggestions, guys?
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