Thoughts on my new build specs

Hi all,

Just interested to hear your thoughts/oppinions on the specs for my new pc.
Like many, I'm still learning when it comes to hardware etc but here it is -

What I'm keeping from my previous build -

Jantech 700W modular power supply
Western digital caviar raptor 150 GB 10000 rpm ....think I need to get a new hdd? sata 3.0 this one is almost 4 years old =[
samsung 500 gb storage hdd

New components -

Gigabyte G1 sniper 2 mobo
Intel i7 2600K
Patriot 8GB (2 x 4GB) viper xtreme series PC3 15000 1866 MHz CL9 division 2 edition
EVGA GeForce GTX 570 732MHz 2560MB PCI-E HDMI

I'll probably end up getting a second gtx 570 over christmas and get an EK watercooling kit also (including buying 570 blocks)
but thats not until a later stage :wahoo:

Let me know what ye think

Thanks :)
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  1. i think thats a good rig......i also think you could save a cppl bucks and go with the i5.....thats a great gaming chip.....

    spend the money you save on a new hard drive......would kinda suck if your new build crapped out cause you used a five year old raptor!!!
  2. You could probably go with a cheaper motherboard and the i5-2500k cpu. With the money saved there you can go for an SSD to replace that raptor drive.
  3. If you are planning on another 570 and you have water cooling you might want to up the power supply to 850w. With water cooling you have to account for the fans on the radiator and the pump.
  4. Thanks for the replies =] Yeah think i'll get an SSD or a new Raptor..
    Can I get some suggestions on a good option?
    I'm gonna be running windows 7 64bit, and only really need about 150GB at any one time for games etc
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