Computer wont boot, what might be the problem?

First, sorry for bad typing. Im entering from my
phone since the comp is down.

Abridged version: My computer wont boot. The
power comes on like normal, HD spins, but
nothing from the graphics card and no power to
the usb mouse and keyboad. Once the comp
has poweer the power button does nothing even
holding it down.

Longer version: Yesterday i had a similar
problem but powering up would cause fans to
spin for part of a second then power down and
repeat. I removed gfx card and it would boot,
reinstalled it and same issue. Im not sure
exactly what i did but eeventually the comp
booted fine with the gfx card, detected both hds
but didnt have a primary set. I delected hd1 in
bios, it booted fine. Restarted a few times
succesfully and played a few hrs of oblivion.
Quit the game but left the comp on overnight.

This morning the keyboard and mouse had no
power and the powr button wouldnt work so i
had to switch off the PS.

What ive tried: Ive tried removing the gfx card,
reseating ram, swapping ram and removing one
stick, etc. My mobo doesnt have integrated
graphics so with the gfx card out im just seeing
iif peripherals get power basically. I also dont
have a case speaker so i cant listen for beep

Whats sounds like the likely culprit at this point?
Im thinking of trying to source a case speaker
but i dont even know where to get one.
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  1. Any small speaker with two wires will work as a case speaker, not that I expect you to have one laying around. You can get them at most computer stores and even walmart carries them in some stores.

    here is a google search with a lot of options (search motherboard speaker) -

    before you do anything else you should probably get one since it could save you a lot of time. I would guess it could be a bad graphics card or motherboard, but it would be best to listen to the beep codes rather than just guessing.
  2. Sounds like the PSU...get a tester or try another psu for comparison. A weak/dying psu typically displays behavior like this. Check for excessive heat issues as well.
    Is the cpu/gpu cooler on snug...all fans spinning free and excessive dust and fluff blocking ventilation ports? Check the fan on the psu to ensure its spinning.
  3. toubleshoot ! , what i mean is : remove certain missable {or replacable things} to see if if it causes the problem .

    My pc wound not boot up and give a long beep , removed one ram stick and i worked
    { ram was broken}

    also , a good dustoff and reseating of the components can help alot
  4. Reseat cpu. Similar thing happend to me, reseating worked a charm.
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