Recommended setting for 3-speed fans hooked to fan controller?

Hi all,

Hopefully an easy one for some folks out there. I'm going to pick up a fan controller and a couple extra fans today. I currently have a few fans (came with an Antec 900 case) that have a switch that basically switches between low-medium-high.

So, my question is, when/if I hook these up to a fan controller, is my best bet to have them set to "high"? I guess I just assumed that the switch was regulating the voltage getting through to the fan and I want the fan controller to be the authoritative source for the fan behavior.


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  1. Yes, have them set to high then use the fancontroller to regulate the current to them, unless you wanted to limit them even further,ie go slower
    although you may have problems with the starting voltages then if its set too low
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