Dual cards without crossfire?

Hi everyone, my question seems like it should be real simple, but I'm just not sure if it will work.

I have an xfx radeon 4650, and an xfx radeon 5770, I know I cant run these cards in crossfire, but am wondering if it will be possible to run both cards at the same time to power seperate displays?

I use the S-video on the 4650 to watch movies on my tv (not an lcd/no hdmi input) but would like to use the 5770 for gaming so i can do both simultaneously. My MoBo does have 2 pci-e 2.0 slots, any advice on if this will work and possibly how to configure this would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Yes. It's actually very simple you just need to connect each card to a seperate screen and it should work automatically. Use your catalyst control centre to set up your desktop management and you're good to go.

    You could do it off the 5770 alone as well.

    edit - I believe you need at least windows Vista to do it however! So xp is no good. You have win 7 so that should be no problem.
  2. I could run everything off the 5770 if it had an s-video out instead of the hdmi, but alas I still have an old school tv until tax return time. thank you for the fast response
  3. Ah ok gotcha. The actual output shouldn't matter unless you are trying to run eyefinity (which you aren't). Just stick both cards in and see how it goes, and get back if it's not working out.
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