Bad time to upgrade to a i5-2500?

Currently sitting on an almost 5 year old Intel Q9300 and I am curious as to if it would be a bad time to upgrade to an i5-2500? Not entirely sure if I should wait. I am not looking to build a ridiculous gaming rig, just something to keep up in the next few years. I've already got a EVGA GTX 560ti and necessary components. I would only be looking to buy a new mobo, probably the ASUS P8Z68. Any thoughts guys? Should I wait?
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  1. Wait for Ivy bridge in a few months. You might then pick up a used 2500k for less. I picked up a board/amd cpu/ 2gb of ddr2 and a bunch of stuff for only $35 this morning from a fellow who just wanted to get rid of it. I always negotiate down; it usually works. And the setup tested fine.
  2. I am really sketchy buying used PC Components, especially something as important as a CPU and Mobo
  3. I'd only buy used if I know the person and/or if I had seen the system (the parts in question) running.

    Anyway, I would wait for Ivy Bridge, too. In fact I do wait for it myself, atm.

    We'll see if Sandy Bridge prices will fall considerably to pick it up then, or just get the new stuff for the price of Sandy Bridge now.
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