Fresh built, and its having a temper tantrum

***Update I cut out all the fluff, guess that was a bit too long hehe, ok well booted the box this morning without having changed anything and strangely everything seems to be ok now.
dunno how that happened but bios now shows the ram at 1866 like its supposed to be and the processor at 3600mhz and flash drives are no longer causing random reboots, however I am going back to microcenter and grabbing a 1200 watt PSU, I am hoping that will be more than enough for the future upgrades I plan on doing with it, eventually will run 3 6870's on it, unless anybody thinks thats a waste of money, I value any opinions, and ideas for my gaming rig***

Hi there I would like to say greetings to all, I go by BigCountry online and I have been faithfully using Tom's Hardware for advice and articles since your creation way back when.

Honestly I am an old fart ( 40 next month **JOY**...not ) have been doing my thing since well before the net was born cruising the BBS's...Enough about me.
I must admit this is to be my first post on your forums because I have always been a lurker ( well not always, atleast not here, tend to insert foot into mouth syndrome ).

Well OK then I am here because I am having problems with my new box I have put together, things are amiss with it and I am completely stumped ( though I have a sneaky suspision that the power supply is inadequate )

New box consists of
ASRock 990FX Extreme 4 Mobo
AMD FX 4100 4 core
XFX HD 6870 vid card
2x Corsair vengence 4gb 1866 dimm's
old WD raptor 74gb 10k rpm HD sata
LG generic DVD-RW drive ( blame wifey )
Thermaltake TR2 RX 750 watt PSU ( I know its maximum output is around 680 watts for crappy efficency <--Speel check ?...GAH Bad typists of the World UNTIE! :p ) ( also blame wifey no likey me spending the big bucks for the good stuff )
Using the onboard Realtek HD audio ( sorry for lack of more info new OS and dunno my way around it yet )
Also connected the front USB 3.0 that came with mobo
Only have 1 80mm case fan running at the moment ( use small desktop fan blowin' into open side of the case for heat dissapation )

OKie onto the technical stuff's
All the latest drivers for everything ( will include that later if need be )
brand new fresh install of Winblows 7 ultimate x64 I miss the Penguin :-(

only issue i have now is:

1. I know for a fact all the drivers and softwares I installed are supposed to be x64 but they ALL seem to be running in x32, I do recall somebody telling me that when you install/run things in win7 that you have to run it as an admin, but since this OS is new to me I dunno how to go about it, ( user manual is worthless )
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  1. Your post is too long to read all of so sorry if you already answered .

    Do you have the latest BD compatible BIOS on the mb ? I suspect that will fix your RAM speed issue .

    When an FX 4100 is at 3.6 GHz it is in its OC mode .

    If the clock speed is higher than 3.6 GHz its because the motherboard base clock is higher than it should be . Mb makers sometimes do this so their boards look a couple of % better in comparative tests .

    Its rebooting when a USB stick is installed. Dunno , but maybe drivers . Maybe try another usb port . Fix the other stuff first and see if this goes away
  2. Yeah just flashed it yesterday, I am sorry the post is so long just figured, well I always see people get slammed for not putting enough info, and I hate rejection lol.

    I did'nt know the 4100 is OCed at 3600 I thought I read that was the speed it is supposed to run at, then again who knows AMD's website says the 4100 is supposed to have 8mb level 2 cache and 4 mb of level 3, but mines the other way around at 4 and 8, I really think its the PSU not having enough amperage for everything since its 56amp on a single rail, but thanks for your reply, guess I could always blackmail my nephew into fixing it he's a tech at microcenter and knows just bout all there is to know about PCs.
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